In other words; broken truths. Truths with a small t. Two small t's, actually.

Stories of mother puckerers and bull spit. Each of those has a small t, too.

Ahem Department 9.11.11

Candid In Camera Division:

FYES&D Department 8.21.11

FYES&D is an original shorthand acronym with us, born from attitudes read between the lines as seen in several mid-east politcal situations. Also in Washington. And Fox.

Curious to see if it was completely original with us, or merely a parallel development, we turned to Google. Okay. Parallel develpment it is. Some guy called Brentski's original use was in a politically-charged sports forum.

The term has never reached the popularity of its complete spoken root. We could only find the one reference to it in all of Googledom, from May, 2011, and after that citation, nothing.

It's time to tag those pronouncements that may sound reasonable on the surface, but equate to our FYES&D. The short form is pronounced fysand ("fie-sand" -- two syllables).

Something New:

Potental alternate forms that will confuse earthquake damage-avoidance engineers include "FY/ES/&D" which is a corruption of an obscure formula describing flexural reinforcement of columns and walls. Apparently there are only twelve people on the planet who deal with that formula, so no harm there.

In this FY/ES/&D form it may pass into novice eyes with some greater recognition. For purposes of Google originality, that form passes all tests, and is seen here for the very first time.

Here are some examples of how it is used:

"We're going to do it our way. FYES&D."

"I don't care how many demonstrators get killed, I'm not stepping down. FYES&D."

No it does not mean "fork you, eat spit and dine."

Debt Ceiling. 7.18.11

This just in: Finger pointing reaches critical mass. Fingers explode, taking out the entire congress and supreme court across the street.

More as reports develop.

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